Zumba – Like an Episode of Star Trek!

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This is “The Husband.” From the time I was a young child, and through my young adult years, I was an avid reader. Every free moment I had usually found me with my face buried in an action/adventure/spy/thriller type story. As I “matured,” and experienced life outside of the bound covers of a fictional story, I learned that reality was a lot more interesting, and more fun, than these books that so captivated me. Today, mobility vexes me, so I’ve become a bit of a people watcher. Not in a creepy, stalker kind of way, but since I now spend a lot more time sitting than participating, I have time to stop and smell the roses, and to watch passers-by. I have a certain fascination with people as I sit on a park bench, or in the mall, or on the beach. People really are quite remarkable.


With this in mind, I have chosen the topic below for our first blog post. Those that know me know that I love to laugh, and be laughed at. We hope that this blog page will be both entertaining, and informative. We’d love it to be a great sense of encouragement to you as you work toward your personal fitness goals. Have have fun with it! Now on to the first entry…


Captain’s Log, Stardate 1329.1. We’ve taken aboard from an unregistered transport vessel, its captain and three unusual females. These women have a mysterious magnetic effect on the male crew members of this ship. Including myself. Explanation unknown at present.


What was that you ask? It’s something straight out of Captain Kirk’s log book, that’s what! And the truth of the matter is that it’s also quite fitting when describing a Zumba class, at least from this man’s point of view! Sure, I realize this website will see more women then men, but this is “The Husband,” and I’ve decided to kick off Wow! Dance Fit’s first blog entry! So sit back, grab a water (or other healthy beverage of your choice), and try to track with my logic in this “log entry.”


Like Captain Kirk’s discovery, unusual females really do have a mysterious, magnetic effect on men. I don’t mean “weird,” or “crazy” women, or even “mysteriously seductive” women. I’m talking about the really unusual ones… The ones that hear a Latin beat in a Zumba class and whose legs start moving, booties start shaking, arms fly around, and all cares, at least for the hour, seem to melt away. “Dirty dishes in the sink? Who cares?” says one lady. “Laundry piling up to the ceiling? I can still squeeze by it!” says another. “Overtime, boss? Can’t do it tonight! Gotta get to Zumba!” says a third.


I’ve been watching my beautiful wife teach aerobic dance for years, from Korea, to Arizona, to New York and now in Fredericksburg, VA. I’ve observed yoga, step aerobics, Jazzercise, spinning, and various other group exercise classes, and I can honestly say that nothing is as mysterious to me as the draw that Zumba has on women. Jane Fonda was ok. Richard Simmons is still a riot to watch (and I’d love a pair of those shorts!). Jazzercise is going strong after all these years. Tae Bo has spun off several different types of “combat style” fitness classes. But even with all these types of classes, there’s nothing more amazing and mysterious to me as Zumba’s appeal across the globe! Young women, old women, fit or trying-to-be-fit women, short women, tall women. Just pick a country and you’ll see that the reaction to the Latin rhythms and party atmosphere is the same. Of course, there are men that do Zumba, too, but my best guess is that they do it largely as a result of the magnetic draw from the mysterious, unusual women! Truly fascinating!


Zumba’s motto is “Ditch the Workout, Join the Party!” and that is really what Zumba is. I’ve noticed some commonality, and some differences, in the way women approach these Zumba classes, though. I describe these categories of women like this: Zumba Newbies and Zumba Pros.


The newbies generally arrive quite unsure of themselves, and seemingly spend much of their time staring at the instructor, perhaps with the thought that somehow they’ll get their own body to move that way! When the steps change, they quickly try to catch up, only to see another change soon afterwards. Although they appear frustrated during the class, the most mysterious thing is how they describe the experience afterwards… usually something like “That was Great!” or “I can’t wait to come back!” or “That was so much fun!” An observer may have thought that they’d be leaving the class early, never to return… but they don’t leave, and always come back for more! The best part is that these Newbies are usually the ones that see tremendous improvements in their overall health very early on. “Zumba is a Dance Party, after all, it’s not really exercise.” 🙂 Mysterious indeed!


Then we have the Zumba Pros. These ladies have their personal dance space on the floor. They know the moves, the songs, and believe they really look like “that lady on the poster” (and some have been doing Zumba long enough that they really do!). They don’t miss a class, and schedule vacations around when their favorite instructor is away, and then only on a Carnival Cruise ship that has 3 Zumba classes daily! They have the hats, cargo pants, racer-back shirts, hip shakers, and the Zumba branded everything. Some even get Zumba tattoos! These ladies are SERIOUS about their Zumba, and many stay with it because they’ve lost some SERIOUS weight and attribute it all to Zumba! After all, Zumba is a Dance Party, and not really exercise, right?


So, women, as an observer I can only encourage you to keep up the great work! Whether you’re a Zumba Newbie or a Zumba Pro, or never even tried a class, just get up and get moving! Let the Latin rhythms and party atmosphere carry you away to your hour long vacation away from it all! But stay diligent and don’t give up when you’ve seen a little success! I’ve seen Zumba change the lives (and figures) of so many women (and even some men) that I can only say, as mysterious as it is, it’s working! But it only works when you keep at it. And there is definitely a magnetic effect that women have on men when they take the time out of an extremely hectic day, filled with chores and screaming kids, to take care of themselves. We don’t need to know that you don’t think Zumba is really working out, or that you benefit from Zumba more than we’ll ever understand… that, too, can remain a mystery to us. Just keep calm, and Zumba on!

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