November Update

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Happy November, everyone! 

Wow! This year is going by so fast!  It won’t be long and we’ll be sitting around the table with friends and family, visiting and re-visiting days gone by, and filling ourselves to the full with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, greens, and pumpkin pie, and the list goes on for weeks!  Ok  –  and some of us will have KIMCH!  🙂

You have to face it sooner or later!  Many people look at this season with happiness and expectation, but many others know that all this fun means putting on the “winter weight.”

Well, you don’t HAVE to worry, IF you have a plan!  Wow! Dance Fit wants to help you take the stress out of this season with a fun Zumba dance routine that will help you get in shape, and keep in shape (and still have that pumpkin pie!).  Here are this month’s specials…


10% OFF 10-PACK

Save 10% off the regular price of our 10-Pack of classes.  This is like those punch cards everyone knows about, only you don’t have to worry about losing the card, because we track your visits for you – electronically!  You must use all 10 classes before the end of 6-weeks, and they must be purchased in the studio.  10% Off – all month!


TURKEY-TIME DANCE PARTY!  Turkey Day Dance Party

Our monthly DANCE PARTY in November comes with a bit of a twist!  90-Minutes of Zumba on Saturday, 11/23, from 8pm – 9:30pm, all for only $10.  The twist?  We’re also going to use this time to give back to the community by combining the party with a FOOD DRIVE!  So, bring some non-perishable foods to the party and be entered to win some great prizes!  The more that come, the more prizes we’ll give away!  Do it for your health, and do it for a great cause!


So, gather your friends, “STUFF” yourselves into a car and head down to WOW! Dance Fit!  You’re body will thank you for it, and you won’t need to stress the holidays!  


See you soon!!!

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