This video does a great job answering questions about the Zumba program… Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Wow! Dance Fit!

(Click these links for Class Schedules & Class Descriptions information)

1.  What types of classes do you offer?

Currently we offer Zumba classes for all age groups!  Check out the Class Descriptions page for details about each class, and the Class Schedules page for class times.

2.  How much do classes cost?

One of our most often asked questions!  Zumba classes are only $5 per class!  That’s right, only $5 to drop in – every day!  Visit our Class Schedules page for class times, complete pricing and other info!

3.  Do you have to buy a membership to participate in classes?

No!  Although we may eventually offer memberships to those clients that are looking for unlimited class attendance, memberships are not currently offered and will NEVER be required to join in the fun at Wow! Dance Fit!   See our Class Pricing page for more information

4.  What forms of payment does Wow! Dance Fit accept?

Cash is king, of course, but for the convenience of our guests we also accept Visa and MasterCard (debit cards ok with the Visa or MC logo).  Because we offer our classes at such a competitive rate, we pass some of the credit card processing fees that we are charged on to our customer (again, for the convenience of paying with a card).  The charge to use a credit card is 2.75% of the total.  Wow! Dance Fit does NOT accept personal checks.

5.  Do you offer Child Care?

We are not licensed to offer child care, nor are we staffed to do so.  This said, we do have a small seating area for children that do not require supervision and that do not become a distraction to the instructor or the class.  Because we are concerned for the safety of all of our guests, and because we strive to create a fun environment, we ask you to leave younger children home if they require supervision.  We appreciate your understanding.

6.  Do you offer FREE classes for first-time visitors?

No.  Although we will occasionally offer specials up to and including free class give-aways, we have competitively priced our classes to make them affordable for everyone.   See our Class Pricing page for more information, and “Like” us on our Facebook page or “Follow” us on Twitter to keep up to date on specials!

7.  Does Wow! Dance Fit do Birthday Parties and special events?

Absolutely!  Although we have very limited space for tables/chairs, we have a large dance floor, rocking lights and amazing sound system!  We also have instructors that can be hired to have a Zumba Dance Party at your venue!  Send an email to Zumba@wowdancefit.com or through our Contact Us page to find out more!

8.  Can Wow! Dance Fit help with our fundraiser event?

We believe it is very important to give back to our community and are actively seeking opportunities to help local organizations with their fund raising efforts.  Please send us the information about your event through our Contact Us page, and if we can help with your event, 100% of the money raised will go to your organization… we do not charge for this service.

9.  Do you have a Facebook or Twitter?

You bet, and we offer some SMOKING deals to our followers!  Click the links to visit the sites & “Like” or “Follow:”  Facebook     Twitter