Welcome to the most exciting Zumba studio in Fredericksburg!


  • We’re not a gym
  • We DON’T have memberships
  • And, we don’t make you sign a CONTRACT to dance with us!


So, what are we?


We’re a group-exercise aerobic dance studio where you’ll just have a great time!  Not only are the classes set up to offer you the most options to get into a regular exercise routine and STAY active, but you’ll dance your stress away in a party atmosphere with disco lights, an amazing audio system, and the best instructors in town!  

Additionally, we’re sensitive you your needs.  Whether you want/need to take it slowly, or you’re the type to jump right in… it’s your call!  If you’re serious about getting and staying physically fit, we can help!


Welcome to Zumba in Fredericksburg!

We have Zumba classes for people of all ages and fitness levels!  We combine an exciting studio atmosphere, rocking audio system, and caring, professional instructors to provide Fredericksburg, VA with a completely NO HASSLE Zumba experience!  Been to the other places and come away feeling “judged?”  That’s not how we roll!  

Feel welcome to look around this site for answers to all your questions about Wow! Dance Fit, and Zumba in Fredericksburg, VA!  (Schedules Page)  Whether you are a Zumba Pro or Zumba Newbie, we’re here to help you transform your body into what you’ve always dreamed it could be, and then help you maintain that fit, healthy lifestyle!

If you haven’t already done so, please also check out our FaceBook and Twitter pages.  Like ’em to get started – we’re sure you’ll love ’em later

We can’t wait to dance with you!!!
Wow! Dance Fit
(Co-located with Creative Movement Dance Studio)
4954 Southpoint Parkway  •  Fredericksburg, VA 22408
540-412-8887  •  Zumba@WowDanceFit.com


  • I am interested in taking a Zumba class. What fees are involved?
    What are the schedules for a class. I would be a newbie.

  • Hi, Becki! It’s only $5 to attend a class. You’ll fill out a Liability Waiver Release form on your first visit, pay the class fee, and away we go! Our classes are perfect for people of all fitness levels, because of our 2 rules… #1 – Keep your body moving. You don’t have to follow the instructor, just let your body “feel the music,” shake your hips a bit, and you’re set! Then, #2 – Have Fun! We can’t wait to dance with you! – Kyong

  • Sophia

    Do you still have Saturday morning classes?

  • No, Sophia – we suspended our Saturday classes due to low turn-out. Keep checking back, though – and we hope you will join us for one of our other class times!

  • Beth

    Do you ever have daytime classes?

  • monica

    Need to get fit and healthy

  • Nayra Whitaker

    Hello I would like to know if I can pay cash ? I am planning on going for the class on Monday May 16th.

  • Cash is ALWAYS accepted! Can’t wait to dance with you soon!

  • This is the right place, and NOW is the right time! Can’t wait to dance with you!

  • We are looking to add daytime classes, but our challenge currently is that we would have to operate under a severe noise restriction, and we fear the class volume would be too low for the “true Zumba experience,” which should be fun and exciting! We hope to be able to offer morning classes soon, though! Keep an eye on our Class Schedule schedule for updates, and “Like” our Facebook page (facebook.com/wowdancefit).

  • Katie Grymes

    I’m trying out a class tonight! Excited and nervous at the same time. But I can’t wait! I’ve been looking for a new workout that I like because I cannot stand the gym, but I do love to dance and you cannot beat these prices! Fingers crossed!

  • Hi Katie, I’m glad you are coming tonight, it’s going to be a great experience I can assure you. Just let everything go at the door and let your beauty shine with every dance movements. It’s truly a safe haven and a no judgement zone. Can’t wait to see there

  • Jie

    Do you still offer that $5.00 Zumba classes per session?

  • Inez Robbins

    What is your class schedule? Looking to get myself back in shape- it has been a long time since I have exercised except walking at work.
    Excited and nervous about the opportunity 😊

  • Hi Inez, we have classes Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 7:30 to 8:30 pm. Please like us on Facebook to check for new fun updates about the class. I hope you can make it to class soon, we are a big family that shares the passion for music and dance while getting in shape. It’s just a party 😁💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

  • Hello, yes we have $5 drop in classes as well as punch passes. Try us out, don’t miss the fun!!!!

  • Joyce Willis

    Do you still offer $5 drop in classes? I used to go to Cavalier Skate Club and loved it! I work nearby so looking forward to trying it out this Wednesday.

  • Erika Herndon

    Hello, I want to attend with my son. What is the age limit?

  • Hi Erika! How old is your son? I don’t have an age limit for my class and I do have kids as young as 6 who come and dance.

  • Hi Joyce! Yes we still offer the $5 dollar drop in classes! Sorry for the late reply. I hope to see you soon.

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